Customer Acquisition At Scale




Globally brands are looking for avenues to grow. Brands end up spending heavily in acquiring customers and generating sales. Ad Spends, without a doubt, is the biggest budget item for all brands. But the problem is, a very large part of this budget is wasted in optimizing sales conversions. Flickstree offers solutions to brands to help them engage, acquire and retain consumers through our various solutions. We create branded editorial videos, using Artificial Intelligence - that users love to watch. We ensure these videos get viewed, by contextual targeting of users through digital marketing, such as - In-article ads, Footer ads, pop-up ads, and many more.

On our platform, users get a chance to participate in brand engaging activities and win rewards sponsored by brands, that include Product Samples, Brand Merchandise, Exclusive Promo Codes, and much more. Brands receive customer data of the users who readily agree to share their information with brands, for marketing and promotional purposes.

User engagement is critical to brand growth. We engage users for brands by driving their messages through gamification and interesting reward mechanisms.

Fun and engaging gamified user experiences.


Gamified branded quizzes that ensure brand awareness, lead generation, and product sample distribution.


Gamified branded crossword that ensure brand awareness, lead generation, and product sample distribution.


The brand can get user opinions for product development and create brand awareness.


Interesting facts about brands are shared with users to create brand awareness.

User acquisition is an ongoing effort and Flickstree helps you with it. We understand brand objectives and design content and campaigns that best achieve those objectives.Define, design, and deliver brand objective-led consumer experiences.

Drive Sales

Every branded editorial video that is hosted on Flickstree's own platform and publisher network has a 'Buy Link' on the video. Users click the link and land on our partner brand's website, which is tracked using technology.

Lead Generation

We help generate quality leads at scale. When users participate in brand engagement activities their profile data automatically populates a form, which they can submit with one click. Brands receive accurate and complete information about their leads.

Build Customer Database

Users participate in quizzes, win rewards, polls, and crosswords to win exclusive prizes from their favorite brand. Users also agree to share their information with brands, for marketing and promotional purposes.

We engage with brands one step ahead of others. Our 'PlusYou Club Gift Cards & Coupons' are designed to encourage consumer loyalty towards brands.Nurturing consumer loyalty by rewards from brands.

Gift Cards & Coupons

Users buy discounted gift cards or avail coupon codes to buy products from their favorite brands.

Corporate Gifting

Incentivizing Trade Partners is important for the organization's overall revenue growth. Providing delightful incentives to your Trade partners or your brand advocates keeps them encouraged to perform better. Flickstree's e-gifting solution provides brands with the best alternative to gifting. Its simplified process, all-in-one console, and data-driven approach save time and provides brands with a hassle-free experience.

Coins & Rewards

PlusYou Coins from Flickstrees PlusYou Club is for its winners to help them purchase branded gift cards at a discount.