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The Soul of West Bengal

  • 9 Episodes
  • Travel show where a Nationally Acclaimed Bollywood Singer discovers bespoke places in Bengal.
  • Pit-stops at 8 locations where the Celebrity meets, and jams with local musicians.
  • In grand finale all musicians come together and create a musical sensation in a studio set-up.

Masterclass with Sourav Ganguly

  • 6 Episodes
  • Cricketer Sourav Ganguly chats with eminent personalities from different fields.
  • Eminent personas from field of photography, cooking, fashion, and other liberal arts join dada to talk about their journey.
  • Every episode offers audiences the success mantra to excel in these fields.

Ab Aage Kya

  • 7 Episodes
  • Famous Celebrity Couple travel Maharashtra with a complete stranger.
  • The age group of the third traveller changes in every episode, that makes the travel show fun and exciting.
  • It culminates by bringing about the charm of how the state has something for every age group, and the beauty it beholds.

The Kick

  • 9 Episodes
  • A cocktail recipe show, with food and mixers for the lovers of cocktails and beverages.
  • Celebrity in conversations with a chef and a mixologist together create unique cocktails and finger foods.
  • In every episode celebrity talk about their first-time nostalgia about the base beverage.

Ya Re Ga Ma

  • 5 Episodes
  • A musical show where old meets new.
  • Famous Bollywood Singers/Musicians compete with each other, with new and twisted rules of Antakshari.
  • A fun-filled finale where 8 artists jam together.

Jaisalmer Jalsa

  • 15-days event
  • A Sand festival, in the magnificent city of Jaisalmer.
  • Eminent celebrities and musicians make their way to Jaisalmer, inviting all their followers to catch them there.
  • An after movie making the festival immortal forever, with behind the scenes and the show glimpses captured in reel.

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